Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Robin's Fund

There has been an overwhelming response to donate money towards a cause in Robin's name.

In light of the current situation in Timor Leste, we have decided to take the time to find the right organisation or development project that will benefit most from such generous funds which will eventually contribute to sustainable development in Timor Leste and if the amount raised is considerable, we will proceed to set up a charity.

There will be a number of fund raising events (including the skydiving in Scotland in July where my mum WILL be joining in) over the next few months and the exhibitions in themselves will be fundraisers towards the Timor Leste cause and Robin's memory. If you would like to organise your own fundraising event, please let me know at likewise, all proceeds from the sale of Robin's photographs will be credited to the fund.

Internet transfers can be made to
Robin's Fund
sort code 403534
account number 32356058
or send a cheque made out to
Robin's Fund
Broad Street


Blogger allisonjulia said...

My wonderful and (ex) cast (Kate Rawson, Airlie Scott, Lindsay Clarke, Frances Buckroyd and Tom Harris) who I left in the lurch for a week when Robin died have been the first to donate a whole £100 (who said actors were poor?) to Robin's Fund to thank him for the wonderful gift he gave us by documenting the experience of Lord of the Flies and making our time in Prague with him so special.

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