Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Exhibition for Glasgow Refugee Week

Robin Taudevin, independent international photographer
The Tron Theatre
63 Trongate
Monday 19 June 10am-6.00pm
Tue 20-Sat 24 June 10am-Late

"Seeking Refuge Glasgow to East Timor – Worlds Apart?"

Two seemingly unconnected situations linked by Robin's inexhaustible desire to expose social injustice. All photographs in this exhibition were taken in the last year of Robin's life before he drowned while free diving off the coast of Dilli, East Timor where he was working for the UN and also as an independent photographer. Most of Robin's Glasgow subjects are failed asylum seekers. They fled from, and most may return to, places as volatile as East Timor. Once deported they can never return to their Glasgow lives and homes. The refugees in the UN compound in Dilli, East Timor, would be the first on board a boat to Glasgow were it sailing. Instead they return to the ashes and rubble that once were their villages.

Robin's photographs ask us uncomfortable questions and they do not allow us to look away.
He died a young man and accomplished photographer. The nature of digital photography means he was never hiding behind the camera – when those around him were waving machetes, he was literally waving his camera. Digital cameras do a lot of the technical work for the photographer; what makes Robin's digital work so exceptional was his strength and vision. He was a fearless and compassionate man.

Robin’s family would like to thank the Scottish Refugee Council for hosting this, the first posthumous exhibition of his work. The exhibition has been devised and funded by Robin’s family.

If you would like to contribute to the costs in Robin’s memory, please find the donation box at the main bar in the Tron Theatre or send a cheque made payable to Robins Fund, Covert, Broad Street, Cuckfield, West Sussex, RH17 5DX
To purchase a print of Robin's work or to inquire about this exhibition please email


Blogger Airlie said...

Dear Jules....
Seeing you today anyway but wanted to post a comment...i love this site you've made...so beautiful, loving, pure. His spirit indeed lives on. I'd love to come this coming week, but just not going to be able to make it up.All the very best for it. I will however book to try and come up for the 22nd July exhibition and memorial.So love to the whole family and Bree, Airlie xxxx

11:16 am  

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